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Angels on the Hardwood ~ No. 2

Angels on the Hardwood ~ No. 2

RALEIGH, N.C. - Meredith College basketball sophomore Kim Hinton contributes a regular blog series this winter. Follow the Avenging Angels Saturday as they host Lynchburg College in a 2 p.m. tip-off.

It is not easy to jump off a bus after a long ride and be ready to go full speed, especially with the extended wait time from the men's basketball tournament running over the scheduled time.

Nevertheless, after a very hilly and curvy ride through the mountains, we arrived at the base of the Washington and Lee University gym. Staying loose in the auxiliary gym, we were all excited for our season opener against W & L. 

We worked hard to get a small lead, which we extended throughout the remainder of the game. This was an accomplishment for us; being able to build and maintain a lead was something we struggled to do in our earlier scrimmage against Wake Tech.

We had a solid win against Washington and Lee. Our guards did an awesome job fighting through a full battery of high screens. 

Following our game, we stayed to watch Gallaudet play Alvernia, and both would be tough opponents. When Alvernia came from behind to pull out a substantial win over the Gallaudet veteran squad, we knew we were going to have a tough challenge to face that next afternoon.

Going into the championship game against Alvernia, it was clear this game would be one of runs! Who would get the first run, who would have the longest run, who would get the last run of the game would be the determining factors.

We started strong, winning the tip and quickly converting into the first two points of the game. We also got a great start on the boards by outrebounding Alvernia despite their two six-foot post players. 

On the offensive end our guards did an awesome job hitting Nika and me with strong post feeds. McKenzi, Q, Key and Asia drove hard to the basket. Raven did a great job running the four position coming up with strong rebounds, and shooters Jessi and Nicole took some key outside shots.

Although it was a tough loss, everyone positively contributed as we continue to grow as a team.