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Angels Above the Net ~ No. 2

Angels Above the Net ~ No. 2

RALEIGH, N.C. - Volleyball sophomores Jasmine Aguinaldo and April Hausler contribute the second in a blog series this fall. The team heads to the USA South tournament this weekend beginning with a quarterfinal pairing versus Covenant College Friday, November 8. First serve is slated for 3 p.m. at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Virginia.

Every year we have to say goodbye to a great group of girls – our seniors. We've had the privilege of spending two seasons with these girls. We've gotten to know them and all of their weird quirks. 

Here is an ode to our seniors:

Clarke Glendenning is comparable to an energizer bunny.

Thou never stops beating thy drum.
Always hopping around the court.
And yelling,
                                                     "I said NO!"
                                                                                    "There's a colonial woman on the wing."
The departure of her personality (and her cupcakes) is sure to be cause of woe. 

Anna Hayes is comparable to a Barbie doll.
Thee weary gentlemen flock to make her acquaintance
Giving her sweet letters of affection
Complimenting her golden locks
and her vast expertise of volleyball.

Molly Markley is comparable to your favorite cartoon,
Thou has a desire to seeist her every Saturday morn.
Thine is full of jokes entrancing all to laughter
Our favorite episode was that memorable dive,
I am not sure why we were nervous about that
Because she is a libero.

Oh thy seniors
Thou shall be missed
We bid adieu to thee
Farewell, our friends.