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Angels Above the Net ~ No. 3

Angels Above the Net ~ No. 3

RALEIGH, N.C. - Meredith College volleyball sophomores Jasmine Aguinaldo and April Hausler contribute a regular blog series this fall. The entries provide fans a unique perspective inside life as an Avenging Angel.

This season and team has been one of the best Meredith volleyball has ever seen. Some big wins gave us a taste at being #1; MCVB can't stop and won't stop. Karlie has been Rookie of the Week at least 100 times. Jasmine, at one point, reached 10th in the nation for blocking (she was just playing volleyball). Molly M. was leading the conference in hitting percentage. These girls got skills. 

We knew our games against Peace were going to be our biggest and loudest games of the season. In preparation for the game, a bunch of us went to a game at Peace in our Meredith sweat suits – earning us many stares and totally intimidating the competition. LOL. We always hope the Pacer mascot will make an appearance.

For our home match against Peace, our entire gym was packed. Shout out to all of the awesome MCVB fans for bringing the house down. All of the noise and cheers from the crowd really helped us win the game. 

We knew that our away game against Peace was going to be a packed one when only people with tickets could get in. So many people wanted to go. While most of the cheers during that game were against us, we pulled through and got the win. 

Those two wins and our big win over Averett led us to a season record of 15-4 in conference.  MCVB has enjoyed being at the top. The view from above has been pretty great.

We're looking ahead to the conference tournament to score some wins and a ticket to the NCAA Division III tournament in Michigan. With Molly M. as our starting libero and Emery as our starting middle, we are sure to dominate on the court this weekend. 

Peace and Blessings.